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In Conversation With Diamond Achiever Aaron Chang

💎 ALD Diamond Achiever Feb 2021  💎


In conversation with Aaron Chang on his prestigious breakthrough award.

Senior Marketing Director


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💭 Here’s what he has to say,



What are some of your motivations that drive you to achieve this ERA Diamond award?

[Aaron Chang]:  My main motivation is getting my IPA. I do not mean getting people's “in-principle approval” of me, although it does carry that perk. But what I REALLY mean is my Income, Promise, and Advertisement. 


Income: The award is a recognition of > $100,000 per month commission earned and it allows me to put MORE bread on the table for my family now with extra ham and cheese. It also allows me to buy without guilt that Kickstarter Watch I am eyeing for a while. Even though money is not everything, but everything is about money. 


Promise: I promised myself when I first came into the industry that this award will be one of the many achievements on my bucket list. It took me 3 years to achieve this milestone but I never stopped dreaming. I might have taken longer than most people, but I do not compete with anyone but myself. My commitment to my goals may not be apparent, but it cannot be denied. 


Advertisement: ERA and Preeminent Group provides an amazing platform to recognise our achievements giving us the attention and limelight we need. This is a good way of marketing and is important in our line of business because it makes it easier for you to prove your worth and value to your clients. It also gives them some confidence in you to handle their real estate needs.

What does it take to achieve this award and what it means to you?


[Aaron Chang]: It takes anyone lucky to have an opportunity to achieve this. A successful wise man once told me that to be lucky to meet an opportunity, one will have to work extremely hard to prepare oneself.  As they say, 机会来了,你准备好了吗?When the opportunity comes, are you ready? 


The award means I have another opportunity to post and share my achievements to ALL my friends and family and whoever who is looking for a trusted, capable and hardworking realtor to assist them in their property related needs ;)

Where were your closings? What were the challenges faced and how did you overcome them?


[Aaron Chang]: I closed a mixture of deals. 2 private resale and a few rentals. My listings were generally difficult to sell as some are not beautifully renovated, have the issue of west sun, and even asking for over-the-top prices.


The things I felt I did differently was my relentless pursuit to sell the place sparing no advertising dollars to outspend and outlast my competition. One of the units took about a year to market and even thousands of dollars on advertising.


My patients and determination are unparalleled even compared to my seller because I can do my best to market at the highest price the market can accept, but time is perhaps not in their favour of my seller to hold if they are very adamant about an unrealistic selling price.


How does ERA, Preeminent Group, and ALD make a difference?


[Aaron Chang]: ERA is my first real estate company. Preeminent Group is also the first group that I joined. Hence, I have no others to compare with. But I learn soon enough that ERA is the Largest International SGX Listed Real Estate Company in Singapore and Preeminent Group is also the Largest Real Estate Group in Singapore.


If I really must comment, then the difference is in the SIZE. To me, size does matter. It means more support, prestige, and reputation among others.  But before I know how big my company was, I came to know my mentor Alex Lim. He was also the first and only real estate leader I consulted before joining the industry.


Of the 4 real estate leaders who have a strong digital presence that I have reached out to through email, only Alex replied to me and more impressivsely on the same day itself. I always believe that digital marketing is the future in marketing even in real estate.


This belief has come to pass. I felt blessed that I do not have to spend too much time looking for a mentor whose vision and direction are so much in line with my own.


Is there anyone whom you wish to show your appreciation to?


[Aaron Chang]: I would like to be real. I only wish to give thanks to God. Because all other relationships to me are a transaction and have a condition. 


I can thank my clients for the opportunity to serve them, but I am the BEST in making sure they have a better bargain at the end of the day. So there is an exchange of benefits. I am paid for the massive value I came to bring them. 


I can thank my family, for the love and joy they bring me, but their joy is very dependent on my ability to provide and take care of them and also the love I show them. It is mutual. 


I can thank my friends for their likes on Facebook and Instagram, and also for their support and referrals. But in exchange, I also like their post and have shown them the value that I can provide through my relentless and unabashed Facebook and IG posts. These are true stories, but I have absolutely no hard feelings.


So in all honesty, I just want to give thanks to God, because what I get from Him is unconditional. To be able to wake up the next day and hustle on and live life is a gift no one other than God can provide.


Do you have any tips or advice to inspire fellow realtors?


[Aaron Chang]: Always have a positive mindset. Never give up and never look back. Never be afraid to fail, because the harder you fall the higher you will bounce back. Every setback is a setup for your future success. Never stop learning and be ever-evolving.


Be open to new ideas and challenge your comfort zone. Never compare yourself with anyone. It is a weak benchmark. Strive to be a better version of yourself every day, and you will be unstoppable.




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