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Exclusive . Excellent . Elegant

This is the spirit of Diamonds by ERA – our latest initiative to recognise our 6-Figure-A-Month Top Achievers. 

As each Achiever was called upon for their Diamond award, their gleaming eyes and proud smiles shone brighter than the actual gems. Because behind the luxury are days, weeks, and months of hustling hard to attain personal and division-wide successes. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing all achievers rise up to be successful realtor as a result of adding massive value to their clients. 

Diamond Achiever: $100,000 - $249,999

Rose Diamond Achiever: $250,000 - $499,999

Red Diamond Achiever: $500,000 & above

Our Diamond, Star, and Superstar Achievers are enough to light up a whole city. We can’t wait to see the whole of ERA enshrined in the brightness of all your accomplishments! Let’s keep this spirit of excellence alive! 

Be part of our next Diamonds by ERA award - Shine Bright

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