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In Conversation With Diamond Achiever Adnix Liu

💎 ALD Diamond Achiever June 2021 💎


⭐ In conversation with Adnix Liu on his prestigious breakthrough award.

💼 Assistant Marketing Manager


#AlexLimDivisions #TransformingLives


💭 Here’s what he has to say 



🔰 What are some of your motivations that drive you to achieve this ERA Diamond award?


Prior to the real estate industry, I was doing Insurance. An inspiring milestone to hit in the industry was to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award which translates to a $100,000 commission in a year.


I was mind blown when I came across achievers in real estate clocking these amounts in a month, some even more. This pushes me more and if they can do it, I can too. 



🔰What does it take to achieve this award and what it means to you?


This award does not come easy. I was struggling in the industry in the early days trying to figure out how the real estate business work.


Without proper guidance initially, a lot of time, effort, and money are wasted. Ultimately I realise that the key is consistency.


Consistently working on areas that can bring you the results. 



🔰Where were your closings? What were the challenges faced and how did you overcome them?


1 new launch project got me this award. This is a very challenging client to deal with especially when he is a guy who does not express or reveal any emotion and information during all our interaction time.


This is where ample knowledge of the project and the ability to provide alternative recommendations helps. 



🔰How does ERA, Preeminent Group, and ALD make a difference?


My vision is always to go digital for my real estate business. I have been exploring and learning different digital platforms since Day 1 when I joined but it is challenging and costly. 


I really need to credit Alex Lim and Joel Wee for their selfless training and sharing to equip us to start digitally. A lot of pointers and tips were shared, which helped us to avoid those unnecessary mistakes. The selfless sharing culture in Alex Lim Division is definitely the right environment to be in.     



🔰Is there anyone whom you wish to show your appreciation to?


They are no other than Alex Lim, Jasmine Ye, and Sio Wei lei. Alex is consistently rolling out training to keep us current in the market, not forgetting the personal advice that was given from his experiences.


Jasmine & Wei lei who I work hand in hand with. I am fortunate and blessed to be able to learn from the two achievers. It is the best and fastest route to propel myself so that I can provide the best to all my clients. 



🔰Do you have any tips or advice to inspire fellow realtors?


I believe in the law of attraction. This is where the individual mindset has to be right.


Be positive always and good things will come.




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