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Alex Lim Advisory Top Division Preeminent Group ERA Singapore Career

 A New PROVEN Sales Breakthrough Formula For All Realtors!

Discover The Hard Truths Of How Realtors Are Harnessing The Power of New Digital Transformational Techniques To Generate Consistent Leads And Making Over $100,000 In A Month.


Learn NEW Proven Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies & 'Sales Closing Roadmap' Templates & Scripts For You To Duplicate The Success You Desire.

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... Are you TIRED  Because You Are UNABLE to Close Your Clients Consistently Viewings after Viewings?

... Looking the RIGHT MENTOR to support your Digital Marketing Personal BRANDING & SALES Campaigns instead of exploring the complex Digital World on your own?

... Do you wish to have a series of PROVEN Sales Closing Roadmap with Scripts & Templates for you to DUPLICATE and  INCREASE your Sales to make over $100,000 in a month?

Hello fellow aspiring top realtors!

We all know that the real estate industry is evolving extremely fast especially in this new DIGITAL AGE -- Whatever was working in the past may not be working now. And we are NEVER going back, times have changed, business models have changed, we can only look ahead.

Let's face it, we may possess the many years of real estate experience -- But here's the hard truth, in this new digital economy, if you are unable to create valuable media content and generate compelling marketing materials for your business, getting more clients may be a challenge.

Digital Marketing is a skill where most realtors confess that it is one of the toughest skill to master.


This is a skill where we weren't taught in school, and yet it has become the #1 most important skill in this era for all businesses -- and our real estate business is not being spared too.

... "Real estate agents should embrace technology and 'run with it’."  Quoted by Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin at ERA's Asia-Pacific Business Conference 

... "Real estate agents will need to upgrade their skills; it is no longer a ‘tour guide’ business with an agent simply showing people around houses.” says ERA KEO Eugene Lim

... "To survive and thrive, the industry must consider new ways of doing things; The time to transform is now." says Minister of State Dr Koh Poh Koon.

But Fret Not!I can totally understand the difficulty to acquire a new skill. With 18 years of real estate experience and together with me and my team; with a new mindset shift, a new action plan, new strategies and new conversion processes -- we will be able to support you through this transformational journey like many others -- And I believe you can do it too!  

We are now on a mission to help empower and raise more realtors. We believe in constantly adding value and continuous education in order to stay ahead of the curve and to be on top of our game. It will always be easier to achieve faster results by working with the right team, the right mentor and with right strategies.


#AlexLimAdvisory have formulated proven and structured systems and techniques which helped our agents to cross their million dollar sales commission from Digital Lead Generation Systems Presentation Sales Kits > Conversion Scripts > Closing Techniques -- and this will be presented to you for YOU to Duplicate!

We have helped many of our associates achieve their dream of bringing home their coveted Centurion Cup by earning $100,000 in a single month -- and I believe that YOU can achieve it too!

"We help Realtors to increase their sales, grow their team and ultimately to win together as a team. We are able to do so by leveraging on the power of Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding and duplicating Sales Systems."

We are on a journey, a mission to empower more realtors and to groom more Real Estate Millionaire Realtors.

In ERA Preeminent Group, our success can be attributed to a warm and inviting culture that is open to sharing of knowledge and experiences. We believe that every agent can be successful with the Right Products, Right Trainings and Right Systems.


With our dynamic team coaching, up-to-date market intelligence and a leadership platforms, you can expect tremendous opportunities to grow and for you make an impact.

We believe with the right training and right support, NOTHING is impossible. 


Many have achieved it -- The opportunity is now back in your hands.


#WinTogether With #AlexLimAdvisory

Digital Realtor World-class Training By Alex Lim - Grooming Millionaire Realtors

#AskAlexLim - How To Become The Top 1% Realtor

Mark Foo Millionaire Realtor  - ERA Top 1 New Achiever  

Alex Lim - The #1 Secret On How To Be A Top Champion Realtor

And Here's What's More When You Are Part Of Our Alex Lim Advisory Family!

  • Learn How You Can Switch From The Resale Market To New Launch Market Using ONE Proven Strategy.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance On How To Create, Control & Duplicate Your Own Successful Digital Sales and Personal Branding Marketing Systems.

  • Proven Digital Copywriting Scripts & Templates For You To Increase Your Lead Generation For ANY New Project.

  • Leverage On Over 40 Bite-Size Sales Presentation Saleskit To Double Your Closings Rates.

  • Gain Access To ALA Monthly Trainings With Up-To-Date Market Intelligence, Empowerment Sharing and Digital Realtor Insider Knowledge.

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 ALA $100K Diamond Achievers Sharing

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ERA Monthly & Annual Top Achiever Awards

ALA Alex Lim Advisory

ALA Division Directors Appreciation

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Facebook Digital Marketing Workshops

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ALA CNY Celebrations

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Team Recruitment Activities For Leaders

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 ALA New Launch ProjectX Trainings


Digital Disruption Keynote Speech By Alex Lim

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ALA Wealth Creation Sales Kit Workshops

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Alex Lim Advisory #WinTogether



Real People Real Results 

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About Alex Lim

Alex Lim Digital Realtor ERA

Alex Lim is the co-founder of Preeminent Group, Leader of Alex Lim Advisory and Master Trainer. Alex Lim was awarded ERA #1 Top Division Awards in 2023.

One of ERA's youngest and fastest rising leader, Executive Director of Agency Alex Lim, joined the real estate industry in 2006 on the wave of the social media craze. He first found his success as a salesperson, then as a team leader and upon the proliferation of social media marketing. 

With more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, Alex's Real Estate Digital Sales System has resulted in transacting property sales worth over S$800 million in Singapore. His unique and powerful sales system has also earning him more than S$1 Million in commissions within 12 months. He is looking to share his trade secrets, strategies and his digital marketing sales and branding system with aspiring real estate professionals.

Alex graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Building & Real Estate Management and is currently leading a team of more than 3500 real estate salespersons in ERA Preeminent Group with his partners -- providing comprehensive real estate services generating sales commissions of over S$200 million in a year.

Alex leads his team with the five // R.I.G.H.T // Core Values cast in stone -- Respect, Integrity, Growth, Happiness & Trust, and supporting his team to achieve their personal and professional goals.

He believes “Winning together as a Team is so much better than Winning alone” and credits his success today to the dynamic efforts, dedication and trust of his team.

Alex's mission is to inspire dynamic real estate salespeople to increase their sales, grow their team and to ultimately WIN TOGETHER.

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With Passion, Power & Purpose,

Alex Lim SS 

9871 8000

Preeminent Group Co-founder

ERA Executive Director of Agency


ERA #1 Top Division 2023

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Looking​ to increase your sales and grow your team?

Build your future with ERA today.

Please feel free to reach out to me for a non-obligated discussion. 

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