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Asaph Mathew

In Conversation With Diamond Achiever Asaph Mathew

💎 ALD Diamond Achiever July 2021 💎


⭐ In conversation with Asaph Mathew on his prestigious breakthrough award.

💼 Assistant Marketing Manager


#AlexLimDivisions #TransformingLives


💭 Here’s what he has to say 



🔰 What are some of your motivations that drive you to achieve this ERA Diamond award?


Since I’ve started exploring real estate in 2019 with my manager Irene Tan, I’ve always watched her get multiple of these awards. With Alex constantly encouraging us to strive for a diamond a month, it has been my goal to get my first diamond ASAP.



🔰What does it take to achieve this award and what it means to you?


Grit and determination. This award means a lot to me in many ways. It is one of my first milestones as a realtor and also an accomplishment that I managed to hit on my first year as an agent. It will be an encouragement to myself that it is indeed something possible and that it’ll be easier to achieve it again next time.



🔰Where were your closings? What were the challenges faced and how did you overcome them?


I closed a Normanton Park 4Bedroom, a HDB sale, and also a Normanton Park tagging. The challenge faced was having a client without a MOP HDB and transiting them into a premium unit at Normanton Park. Followed the ALD Wealth Creation Roadmap and tailored a solution for my client and the rest was history. 



🔰How does ERA, Preeminent Group, and ALD make a difference?


Members of ALD have always been encouraging me throughout the years and Alex himself has created many slides and platforms for us to use with our clients. Preeminent has always held training at a larger scale and also platforms for cross-sharing amongst agents. ERA has always been the backbone for us, developing apps for us to better serve our clients.



🔰Is there anyone whom you wish to show your appreciation to?


I’d like to thank my manager Irene for introducing me to this career and also set me up before being an agent, equipping me with the knowledge to carry out the job. I’d like to thank Alex and the rest of the ALD members for constantly encouraging me and motivating me to be the best realtor I can be.



🔰Do you have any tips or advice to inspire fellow realtors?


Real estate is a career that can completely change your life as long as you want it enough. Keep prospecting and keep working towards the goal you’ve set for yourself. It is definitely possible to achieve it as long as you keep at it.




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