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Melissa Yeo

In Conversation With Diamond Achiever Melissa Faith Yeo

💎 ALD Diamond Achiever August 2021 💎

⭐ In conversation with Melissa Faith Yeo on his prestigious breakthrough award.

💼 Senior Marketing Director


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💭 Here’s what she has to say 



🔰 What are some of your motivations that drive you to achieve this ERA Diamond award?


Financial independence has always been a motivation and being on the inside of the real estate business, I see clients achieving it through real estate investment. I do want to have my investment portfolio one day and that is a driving factor for me.



🔰What does it take to achieve this award and what it means to you?


Patience, planning, and execution. I realised that success sometimes comes from luck, other times it means planting your seeds early and nurturing them.



🔰Where were your closings? What were the challenges faced and how did you overcome them?


District 11. I had a tenant from hell who refused to let us do viewings. Funnily, this in turn made the property even more desirable to buyers! I overcame this by anticipating such an issue before I rented this out and took a video of the unit during twilight and edited it. 


This tactic came in handy to qualify and entice buyers. The landlord helped arranged for viewings and the tenant gave in. I'm grateful that the landlord had such faith in me to back me up.


Another challenge faced was getting the desired price. My manager, Alex Lim, encouraged me and told me to have confidence in myself. He did not just give me a superficial pep talk, but also told me what I needed to know and how to convince the buyers tactfully to clinch the deal.



🔰How does ERA, Preeminent Group, and ALD make a difference?


Peer pressure can work in a very positive way. Being in a driven team like Preeminent where I see achievers hustling day in day out and making their dreams a reality - no matter your age, background, etc, helped me realise that this goal is very realistic. I'm happy to be part of the ALD team where I am encouraged to outdo myself. The regular training held in ALD (which I honestly should attend more often) is crucial for realtors of tomorrow in the digital world. 



🔰Is there anyone whom you wish to show your appreciation to?


My clients who saw fit to give me a high commission for achieving a record-high price for their investment property. My manager who encouraged me along the way and gave me the guidance I needed. My fellow ERA comrade who helped me deal with the most unreasonable tenant an agent could ever face.



🔰Do you have any tips or advice to inspire fellow realtors?


Soft skills are as important as hard skills (techniques). Listening to my buyers and having them know that their concerns are being heard softened the ground for me to do my sales pitch.





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