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In Conversation With Diamond Achiever Miko Xiao

💎 ALD Diamond Achiever Mar 2021 💎

⭐ In conversation with Miko Xiao on her prestigious breakthrough award.

💼 Senior Marketing Director


#AlexLimDivisions #TransformingLives


💭 Here’s what she has to say 



🔰 What are some of your motivations that drive you to achieve this ERA Diamond award?


Earning more money definitely is the main reason haha! but I believe it is very important to embrace challenges and always look towards my peers (in the top sales) to keep myself motivated and eventually become a part of them in time to come!


🔰What does it take to achieve this award and what it means to you?


Going the extra mile for some of my most important customers. as much as it is tough, we must treat every customer well and take them as a long-term' investment'. Most of my deals are referrals from customers whom I keep in contact with for the long term. This award is a testament that my efforts are paying off.

🔰Where were your closings? What were the challenges faced and how did you overcome them?


One Pearl Bank. However, due to Covid, my potential clients were unable to fly down to visit the showroom personally. It took quite an effort as I had to carry out countless video takings and answering to all my client's needs before managing to close the deal. She eventually referred me to a friend of hers who was interested in buying a similar property in One Pearl Bank.

🔰How does ERA, Preeminent Group, and ALD make a difference?


Preeminent group has provided me with all the support I need to get me where I am today with the help of a strong team and up-to-date resources for us to utilize.

🔰Is there anyone whom you wish to show your appreciation to?


First of all, I would like to give many thanks to my clients for their trust in me, and thanks to my boss for all the great support and guidance in my career in Real Estate. 

🔰Do you have any tips or advice to inspire fellow realtors?


Be patient and treat every customer as a long-term‘ investment’. This is because referrals are a very important source of strong and warm leads.




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